January 17, 2018

Our Guarantee


Because of the many factors that go into making your full credit score, it’s impossible to guarantee a specific credit score increase. We are always conservative when setting your expectations as our goal is to under-sell and over-deliver.  No company is able to guarantee a specific number for score increase. We do offer written guarantees so that you can be assured we do everything possible on our end to ensure the best possible results.

We promise:
  1. That no one will over-promise or guarantee a specific outcome
  2. That your private information will be protected and secure
  3. That you will be treated professionally and courteously
  4. That all of your requests will be responded to in a timely manner
100% Money-Back Guarantee:

When we work on your file, we expect results – and so should you! If we fail to force the removal of any erroneous credit within the first 90 days you are entitled to a full and complete refund of every dollar spent.


Our Tradelines Guarantees:

• If you buy any tradeline by the “Purchase By Date” we guarantee that it will post on your credit report on the next “Reporting Period” which is detailed for each tradeline.
• If you purchase a tradeline after the “Purchase By Date” then we do not guarantee that it will post on the next “Reporting Period” (although it might) but we then guarantee that it will post on the following month’s Reporting Period.
• On all tradelines purchased we guarantee that you will remain on the card as an authorized user for 2 monthly reporting cycles.
• We guarantee that the tradelines will post to any 2 out of the 3 credit bureaus.
• We guarantee that all tradelines will have a perfect payment history with no lates ever reported on the accounts.
• We guarantee that the utilization will always be at or below 15% on the usage.

What We Do Not Guarantee:

• We do not guarantee any positive results on your credit score from purchasing any of our tradelines. You may get a zero point boost or your score may even go down depending on your credit file and which tradeline you purchase.
• We do not guarantee that you will be able to secure any new funding, loans, credit cards, lines of credit or be able to achieve any financial goal based on purchasing our tradelines.
• Our customer service representatives are specifically trained to NOT answer questions about how tradelines may or may not affect your credit score. We do not make guesses as to how many points you may or may not get. We do not guarantee any credit score points and we do not make guesses as to what your score might be or how many tradelines you would need to buy in order to get to a certain credit score. We do not talk about credit scores.
• We do not guarantee any results beyond getting a tradeline to post as detailed above.

USING FAKE SSN = NO REFUND! Credit Service Investigations only accepts Social Security Numbers issued by the Social Security Administration.